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Hooks for headsets, bags & personal belongings help organise workspaces.

As workplace environments evolve and the demand for coworking space grows, there is an increasing need to provide staff, students or tenants with clutter-free and organised work stations.

With this higher demand, office space is being stretched to the limits resulting in tiny cubicles designed without comfort in mind. But small spaces don’t need to compromise on efficiency and convenience. They simply need to be well-planned.

An ergonomic and innovative storage solution, our Bagmate hook system maximises space adding a convenient under-the-desk spot to stow handbags, laptop bags and personal accessories, while reducing the risk of workplace health and safety incidents and minimising the distraction of physical and emotional clutter.

The Hookit Bagmate can be used in:

Hookit bagmate with adhesive in office-min

Help protect your employees health and belongings

It’s a well-known fact that physical and mental disorganisation reduces productivity and creativity. By eliminating clutter in the office or study environment, you’ll achieve higher levels of focus and mental clarity.

The Bagmate system helps protect your business from liabilities by ensuring a stress-free and safe environment. Potential accidents can be prevented by assisting staff members to store personal items easily rather than leave them on the floor where they can become tripping hazards.

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