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Bagmate - A simple solution to a big problem!

Working in tourism and hospitality, it’s likely you’re well-versed in your customers’ needs. Despite this, many operators overlook an important feature for their bar, cafe or restaurant — the bag hook. It’s a simple solution to a big problem.

For most women, the question of what to do with their handbag when they’re out for dinner and drinks can be tricky. From taking up an extra seat in your establishment to placing bags and accessories awkwardly at their feet, having bag hooks installed at your dining tables or bar is a way for you to safeguard your business while providing your customers with convenience and peace of mind.

The Hookit Bagmate system helps prevent:

The Spread of Contamination & Germs

Opportunist grab and run thieves

Trip hazards for staff & customers

We’ve designed our simple to use Bagmate hooks with your business in mind. It’s the ultimate hook system to hold handbags and other accessories securely, minimising health and safety risks.

How dirty are bags?

Handbags travel a lot, but have you ever considered what they really “carry” with them? Often dropped on public floors, including bathrooms, these unsanitary practices can increase the risk of infections and illnesses as the germs travel with the owner wherever they go — not only in their own homes but also in your establishment, risking contamination and the spread of germs throughout the workplace.

When you have bag hooks available to your customers, you’re not only providing an extra service to them but you’re also protecting your business and staff. When customers leave loose items such as coats or handbags on the floor, your employees and patrons are at risk of injury from potential tripping hazards.

Undertable bag hooks for cafes

Help protect your customers & staff

Designed for handbags of varying sizes, you can use Bagmate hooks for tables, wardrobes, cloak rooms and bathroom doors to keep personal items off floors. Commercially long-lasting and easy to use, set your venue apart from the rest ensuring your customers return to a place where they feel comfortable and considered.

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