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Bagmate hook & Screw Installation Technique

Our under table bag hook & screw have been tested up to 100kg! That’s a heck of a lot of Prada!

Bagmate hook & adhesive pad installation technique

If you don’t want to use screws, our under table bag hooks with adhesive pads are still easy to install and exceptionally strong!


Bagmate® is a carefully engineered, injection-molded polycarbonate hook from which a bag, or other small items of personal luggage, can be suspended by its own handle or strap*. The item is easily placed onto the Bagmate® but some coordination is required for its removal, making ‘handbag snatching’ virtually unachievable.

For the under-side of tables, our designs are affixed so that the hook opening faces inwards towards the center and away from the edge of the table so as to minimise bag snatching.

The maximum weight Bagmate will hold is approximately 100kg, but of course that will depend on the strength & installation technique of the screw or adhesive fixing which holds the Bagmate in place.

* Shoulder length handbags will need to be hooked via the ring fastener between strap and bag.


Bagmate position under table

NOTE: For tables with only 2 chairs at opposite ends, position Bagmate hook, 10 cm in, halfway along most accessible edge of the table between the 2 seats.

Timber, Plastic & Laminex Surfaces

  1. Place Bagmate evenly between chairs with hook opening facing centre of table.
  2. Mark screw holes with pen.
  3. CAUTION: Ensure screws & holes shorter than table top depth!
  4. Drill holes with 3-4mm drill bit. Depth to suit length of screws.
  5. Screw in screws. (If using cordless drill this can be done omitting point 4.

Other **Smooth Surfaces

  1. Place Bagmate evenly between chairs with hook opening facing centre of table.
  2. Mark position with removable ink.
  3. Ensure both surfaces are clean and free from chemical residue using alcohol solution – allow to dry.
  4. Affix adhesive pad primarily to largest part of underside Bagmate surface with caution. Peel “white backing” to fit exact circumference. (Accuracy is imperative as pad adheres immediately.)
  5. Red side should be showing at this point, smooth out any air bubbles firmly.
  6. Remove red tape ** and apply Bagmate to position marked under table top or counter surface using some pressure to hold in place
  7. Allow 24 hours prior to use for best results

** The red tape can be tricky! Use sharp point of knife or blade to lift tape at first point of contact before attempting to peel back. Due to extra strength adhesion it can be difficult to remove.


You need; a small piece of timber (larger than the hook); some blu tack, a pencil, some small nails and a hammer.

  1. Place one hook on a piece of timber holding it in place with a piece of blu tack.
  2. Use a pencil to trace the outline of the hook and remove – set aside.
  3. Hammer the nails onto the outline of the drawing – the template is now ready for use.
  4. Prepare the hook as mentioned in step 3 above and Peel “white backing” from pad.
  5. Place pad inside nail outline in middle of template, red side down, sticky grey side up.
  6. Take hook and place on top of pad firmly.

General Installation Tips – For tables you can lift

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