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Are you looking for better ways to organise your home?

Housework usually feels like an endless burden, but with the right systems in place it gets easier! Hooks are a great storage solution, and by using more hooks in your home, you can have designated places for your things to be returned to easily.

Many store-bought hooks don’t “hold up” to their name. They can be fragile or incapable of taking much weight. You need sturdy hooks you can rely on to do the job.

Carefully engineered with structural integrity in mind, the Bagmate system has been unbreakable to date! Our heavy-duty plastic hooks can be used in multiple ways throughout your household, helping to eliminate clutter and ensuring there is a home for every object.

You can use Bagmate hooks in the:

Strong wall hooks for tools - bagmate

The garage

Keep items off the garage or carport floor with Bagmate’s heavy-duty, industry-tested hooks. You can turn your garage into the ultimate storage area for your tools and cables, creating space for an extra car or a home gym.

If you’re contemplating designs for outside storage, Bagmate hooks will withstand the weather and will provide you with a relaxing environment free from unsightly outdoor mess.

The bathroom

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary — not a mess of towels, toiletries and dirty washing! If you’re sick of cheap robe hooks that fall off the back of doors and are desperately in need of decent hooks to hang your towels, robes or toiletry bags, Bagmate hooks will bring the peace back into your bathroom.

If drilling into tiles isn’t an option in your home, try an adhesive installation solution to get the job done.

Bathroom hooks - hookit

The entrance

Tidy up your closet and hall entrance with Bagmate hooks. You’ll gain space and mental clarity when you have the raincoats, umbrellas, hats, bags and any other items stored away easily and off the floor.

Kids’ bedrooms

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good hook! You can never have too many hooks in your home or bedrooms, especially when it comes to organising your children’s belongings.

Our heavy-duty, kid-proof hooks can be used on the back of bedroom doors to hang jackets, hats and dressing gowns, or under desks to stow away backpacks, school bags and sport sacks.

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Not only are you helping the kids to keep their rooms tidy, but you’re also preventing the risk of accidents and injuries by reducing tripping hazards.

When organising childrens’ rooms, it’s a great idea to get them involved. Ask them where they would like their things to be stored. If they have input in the process, it’s likely they’ll continue to use the new storage system and put things back when they’re finished with them.

Turn your home into a tidy haven!

Turn your home into a tidy haven with strong and stylish household hooks. An affordable solution that will give you more room to breathe, hook your home up with Bagmate from just $3.50 per hook.

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