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Keep your clients bags safe and germ free!

If you’re a salon owner, you’re probably always considering new storage hacks to help keep the mess at bay. A clean, clutter-free and safe workplace for yourself, your employees and your clients is an absolute necessity.

An area that is often overlooked in hair and beauty salons is storing clients’ handbags, jackets and personal possessions in a convenient, secure and safe fashion. Until now, there hasn’t been a practical and easy solution.

Installing Bagmate hooks at each workstation is a simple way to increase security and best hygiene practices for your clients.

You’ll be helping to:

Hair dressing salon hand bag hooks - bagmate

Customers’ handbags and personal items create obstacles at the workstation for your salon stylists.

With a Bagmate hook installed to the right side of each chair — spine facing out — your customers can transfer to the wash basin without the fear of their bag being snatched, and you and your staff will be able to safely move around their belongings.

Customer service is the most important thing you can give your clients. Going the extra mile will ensure happy and loyal customers continue to return to your business.

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