Schools & Sports Clubs

Organise your school or sporting facility with the help of our heavy duty Bagmate school bag hooks.

Our system is thoughtfully designed to help students of all ages keep their belongings safe, easily stored and organised, which will ensure they can stay focused on their learning and development.

Install Bagmate hooks in areas where students hang their school bags on their own designated hook, helping to establish routine and organisational skills from a young age.

Keeping in line with the skin cancer council campaign, extra hooks can be installed above or below young students’ bag hooks to hang their wide-brimmed hats and promote sun safety in Australia.

If you own a sporting facility, Bagmate is the ideal tool for holding heavy sports bags and keeping your patrons personal items off the ground and away from harm.

The Hookit Bagmate can be used in:

Help protect your students, players & staff

Provide exceptional customer service and care with the Bagmate hook system. You can choose from two great colours, for just $3.80 per piece.

Sports clubs bag hooks by bagmate